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Reference management

A reference management tool will help you collect and sort the references you need in your work. It can also help you create references according to a specific standard and import full text files. Lund University provides licenses for two of the major tools, EndNote and RefWorks.


RefWorks is an online-only service available to Lund University faculty and students via a site license agreement. The only thing you need to do to get started with RefWorks is to sign up with your Lund University email address at the RefWorks website and then click the link in the activation email that will be sent to you. Once your account has been created, you can start to import references into a library where you can organize and annotate them, and attach PDFs and other files as well. RefWorks also makes it easy to collaborate with others through shared libraries. A tool for on-the-fly citations in Word and Google Docs can be installed.


EndNote is a powerful reference management system that comes as both a desktop and a web application. If you would like to start using EndNote on PC, you need to contact LU Servicedesk. They will install the software for you. EndNote on Mac is installed through the Self Service function preinstalled on your computer; ask LU Servicedesk if you have any questions regarding how to install EndNote. Students can download EndNote directly via the Student Portal. EndNote lets you create and manage large libraries of references and to organise the libraries in groups or self-organising smart groups. You can easily share the library with other EndNote users. You can also set up automatic synchronisation between the desktop and web application to upload and store your references for online access so that you can work with your library on other machines. A successful installation of EndNote includes an on-the-fly citation tool for Word.

Freeware alternatives: Zotero and Mendeley

Zotero and Mendeley are useful to your students as they are lightweight and also include LUSEM’s Harvard referencing style in their CSL repositories. Harvard Style for LUSEM can be found under Lund University School of Economics and Management in the respective repository.

While there is currently no active support at LUSEM for the freeware alternatives, you can easily find official documentation and video tutorials online on their websites: Zotero, Mendeley.

Reference management support at LUSEM

For support of EndNote and RefWorks, you are always welcome to contact Hanna Wilhelmsson at the LUSEM Library. If she is not able to answer your questions, she will direct you to someone that can.

You can also contact the research support for introductory lessons and workshops for you as an individual researcher or for a research group or a project. This can be anything from how to get started with a system to how to properly set up the tools for efficient collaboration.