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Erasmus+ for mobility

opportunities to work abroad

Through funding from the EU programme Erasmus+ all employees have the opportunity to visit one of Lund University’s many partner universities in Europe to gain international experience and qualifications and to develop existing contacts.  

Teach abroad – teaching mobility

Teaching staff can receive funding for teaching, lecturing, seminars, supervision and examination at a partner university in Europe. The funding includes an amount based on the length of stay abroad, and a travel grant based on the distance between the home and host universities, in accordance with the EU Commission distance calculator.The stay abroad must involve a minimum of eight hours of teaching per week, over at least two days per week or part of a week. The maximum amount of time is generally 2–3 weeks. Teaching includes all types of tuition of first, second and third cycle students where the teaching staff is physically present at the host institution, such as lectures, seminars, individual supervision, exams, etc.

Professional development for all staff

All employees can receive funding for job shadowing, such as participate in the daily work at a partner university, business or organisation. You can also get funding for study visits, or for taking courses, seminars or workshops of particular relevance to your work, for instance, English courses for staff who plan to teach in English in the future. The funding includes an amount based on the length of the stay abroad, and a travel grant. The stay abroad needs to be a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 2 months, but the maximum time granted is normally 2-3 weeks.


The last day to apply for mobility in autumn of 2017 is 29 September. The last day to apply for mobility for spring 2018 is 28 February 2018. To the extent that funds remain available, it is also possible to apply after these dates. Remember to apply for funds well ahead of your departure, at least one month ahead. Please note that it is easier to receive funding for non researching staff during the autumn semester.

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