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Courses in teaching and learning 2018

högskolepedagogiska kurser

The courses below are offered for the autumn semester of 2018.

Autumn 2018: Two course blocks

In autumn 2018 the overall course structure consists of two blocks: the first block (A) is made up of two courses (for “new teachers”) and the second block (B) is made up of continuation courses, which also includes the mandatory course on supervision. For an overview of the yearly cycle for the courses learn more via this year cycle.

Block A: Courses for new teachers at LUSEM

Including doctoral students, associate senior lecturers, senior lecturers, and professors. The courses of Block A are given consecutively, usually over two semesters.

Block B: Continuation courses

After the completion of course no. 1 and course no. 2 in Block A, the prerequisites are then met for the continuation courses.

LUSEM courses

Given by LUSEM’s faculty (available only in English).

No courses available at the moment.