LUSEM's studio 

and other options for easy film production

Are you planning to use filmed short lectures or speeches in your course? At LUSEM there are some possibilities for either producing your film via Zoom in a studio at LUSEM or book a professional film studio at Ideon.

The LUSEM Zoom studio/LUSEM studio 1

EC1:239 (at the Mezzanine floor in EC1, next to the Exams office).

Booking is possible for LUSEM staff in TimeEdit.

You bring your own laptop and connect to a web camera and microphone and you produce the film via Zoom. In the studio there are light boxes, a short manual and a door sign saying that the room is occupied. Supplementary equipment will be put in place eventually. 

The Ideon pod- and filmstudio

We have possibilities to book a professional studio nearby, at Ideon. You will be able to get support in August, please contact Anna Löthman for further information. 

LUSEM' s own film studio

Building a new film studio in the old library in EC1 is in progress. The studio will likely be ready to use in November 2020. Contact Anna Löthman for further information.

Studio in Canvas

In Canvas there is a tool for easy film production called "Studio". Contact Erik Bergsten at the LUSEM Library for further information and demonstration.

Book the "Zoom studio" at LUSEM

You can book the "Zoom studio" (also called the LUSEM studio 1) yourself via TimeEdit

Instructions how to book the studio in TimeEdit 

Problems anyway? Please contact the scheduler at your department or

Anna Löthman will also be able to help you.

Last published: 2020-10-05