LUSEM's studio 

and other options for easy film production

LUSEM has its own filmstudio in EC1, available for booking. You can also give your meeting or lecture via Zoom in a professional Zoom-studio or record a podcast.

In the OBT Studio you can do your own recording or broadcast a webinar.

LUSEM' s film studio

Our new film studio is now up and running in EC1. The studio is called The OBT Studio (the Olle B. Tegstam studio) since the studio was made possible thanks to the Olle Tegstam Foundation. You find the studio at the 1st floor (entrance floor) in EC1, in the old library premises.

In the studio you can get help with recording shorter lectures, speeches, research presentations, interviews and also with live broadcasted webinars. The studio is equipped with several cameras, teleprompter, smartboard and microphones. With the teleprompter you can easily read your script while filming. The smart board (also called CleverBoard or CleverTouch) can be used for showing different backgrounds or pictures or as a digital white board.

You book the OBT Studio by sending a email to:

Bookable opening hours
For the time being the studio has the following bookable opening hours with technical support:

  • Tuesdays 13-15
  • Thursdays 13-15

You can also book the studio outside these hours, on demand. Contact Anna Löthman on this matter.

Further questions
For questions about the OBT Studio, please send an email to the address above. 

Manuals and check lists
Manuals and check lists will be published on this page shortly.

The LUSEM Zoom studio/LUSEM studio 1

EC3:106 (go through The Blue hall towards EC2 and through the glass door, you find the studio to the right)

Booking is possible for LUSEM staff in TimeEdit.

You bring your own laptop and connect to a web camera and microphone and you produce the film via Zoom. In the studio there are light boxes, a short manual and an "occupied" door sign.

Instructions on how to book the Zoom studio

LUSEM podstudio

LUSEM has its own podstudio in EC3 where you can record podcasts. Please contact Anna Löthman for further information. 

Studio in Canvas

In Canvas there is a tool for easy film production called "Studio". Contact Erik Bergsten at the LUSEM Library for further information and demonstration.


Technical support
Ludvig Nybogård

Questions in general
Anna Löthman

Last published: 2021-11-16