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Lund University School of Economics and Management

Crisis resource team

The crisis resource team at LUSEM is a resource in times of crisis. Coordinator of crisis at LUSEM is the Dean. When a crisis occurs the Dean summons the resource team. Depending on the incident, the resource team can consist of different people but the basic composition is always the six first mentioned positions.

Positions of the LUSEM resource team:

Deputy Dean, LUSEM
Head of Dean’s Office, LUSEM
Human resources manager, LUSEM (vacant)
Bursar, LUSEM
Chief security officer at Lund University
Head of department or corresponding (if department related)
Student union representive/Lundaekonomerna (if student related)

Contact list, January 2019:

Fredrik Andersson, Dean, LUSEM
0722-09 55 40
046-222 86 76

Kristina Eneroth, Deputy Dean, LUSEM
0708-79 13 95
046-222 44 49

Alf Rosenbäck, Head of Dean’s Office, LUSEM
0703-37 15 14
046-222 09 54

Jörgen Norén, Bursar
0703-27 03 03

Håkan Jönsson, Chief security officer at Lund University
046-222 32 46