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In case of emergency

how do we handle Crisis situations at work?


Crisis situations

Examples of crisis situations related to the workplace include accidents, serious illness or the death of a colleague, staff cuts, fire, assault, theft and harassment.

Examples of situations outside work that may cause an employee to end up in crisis are deaths or illness in the family, changes in their family situation, drug abuse, crime and accidents.

Whether or not an incident leads to a state of crisis depends not only on the nature of the incident or situation but also on how the victim experiences and reacts to it. People react differently and what is experienced as a crisis by one person can be experienced as threatening but manageable by another. How we deal with a crisis situation is affected by our personality, the current living situation we are in, our previous experiences of traumatic events, etc.

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Emergency – call 0112 (112 externally)

Don’t forget to dial a 0 before the number from an internal telephone.

On-call staff at the University – call 20 700

If you need to contact a security officer or the University’s on-call staff, call 20 700. From abroad call: +46 46 222 07 00

Report all incidents

No incident is too small to report! Incidents could include:

  • observations
  • burglaries
  • thefts
  • lost keys
  • lost access cards
  • threats or violence

When you report the incident, you will receive help to ensure that all necessary external reports and contact are made.

Complete an incident report- log in with your Lucat ID and select language

Important telephone numbers

  • Ambulance booking: +46 40 676 93 00
  • Health advice line: +46 1177
  • Information about major accidents and crises: +46 113 13
  • Medical Products Agency hotline: +46 771 46 70 10
  • Occupational Health Service: +46 46 222 32 80
  • Poisons Information Centre: +46 8 33 12 31
  • Police: +46 114 14
  • Student chaplains: +46 46 35 87 35
  • Student Health Counselling: +46 46 222 43 77
  • Swedish Work Environment Authority: +46 10 730 90 00