What do the students say?

students AboUt INSPERA

The tools we use for teaching, digital or not, would be useless if the students didn't find them efficient and good. In order to get to know the students' opinion about Inspera two students, Agnes and Emma, were asked what they think about the tool for digital exams.

Agnes Hjalt, student at LUSEM. Agnes is studying NEKB at the 4th semester of Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet.

"It has worked well - much better than other tools for digital exams."

"I didn't write an Inspera exam on campus before the pandemic but I have done several remotely, at home. It has worked well, much better than other tools for digital exams. You get a good overview and can easily navigate between the questions. The essay questions are easier to write answers to because there are more tools in the text box. The great thing about Inspera is also that the teacher can set an interval for the correct answer for the student to get points. Our union, LundaEkonomerna, has requested  digitalized examinations at LUSEM for a long time. Therefore it is very good if Inspera can be implemented to a greater extent and also used when the teaching is back at campus, especially in subjects where the exam usually consists of long essay questions."

Emma Olsson, student at LUSEM. Emma is studying a course in Economic history at the 5th semester of Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet.

"A big advantage is that it is very easy to navigate and scroll between the different questions in the exam."

"I wrote exams in Inspera for almost a year and think that a big advantage of the tool is that it is very easy to navigate in and it is easy to scroll between the different questions in the exam. Other advantages of Inspera are that all answers are saved automatically so you don't have to worry about something disappearing if the internet connection goes down, and that teachers can send messages during the exam in case of ambiguity so that no student misses any information. In general I think Inspera has worked very well as a tool during the digital teaching and it works better the more accustomed the teachers become to use it. I also used Inspera on campus during my first semester of the Bachelor's programme, it worked well and I think it will be a good tool when we move on to campus examination again."