LUSEM Staff Pages

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Facilities, equipment and service 

As an employee at LUSEM it is important to know about the services offered. This will help you in your work and make your day easier and your result more professional. At this page you can get information about techincal support, maps, facilities services like cleaning, how to handle waste and error notifications.

Buildings and venues, cleaning and waste

The staff offices at the school are located in five buildings. Most of the lecture halls and study halls are in one of the EC buildings. For booking lecture halls please contact the responsible of schedules at your department.

Our cleaning staff are in place 06–15 during weekdays. Extra cleaning within their working hours must be planned in advance. Employees at LUSEM are expected to sort the garbage in the waste bins, found in every kitchen. 

Contact: Jörgen Norén


The IT is handled by the LU service desk. When it comes to the lecture halls at LUSEM it is always a good idea to check the technology in advance, before the lecture or event begin. 

Contact: LDC

LU access card

As an employee you need the LU access card to be able to get around. Before getting the card you must be registered in Lucat (the Lund University staff directory). There are several offices to turn to when getting the new card.  

Contact: Jörgen Norén 

Contact for activating the LU access card: The LUSEM janitors

The reception desk and campus shop

The LUSEM reception in the main building is our "public face". The opening hours are 08:00-17:00 during the semester. The Campus Shop is open 10:00-14:00 during the semester. Both the reception and the shop are manned by LUSEM students.

Contact: Jeanette Ströberg

Contact at LUSEM

Daniel Yllas
Phone: +46 702 199 119

Eddie Andersson

Jörgen Norén
Facility manager
Phone:+46 703 270 303

Jeanette Ströberg
Unit administrator
Phone: +46 46 222 34 34

Phone:+46-46-222 90 00