Film and digital learning

Digital learning

Markus Lahtinen is digital coordinator at LUSEM. Contact him if you want to know more about:

  • Activities at the School regarding digital learning and digitization
  • Best practice in digital learning at LUSEM
  • The meaning of digitalization for LUSEM
  • Market- and environmental scan regarding digital learning/digitization of higher education (benchmarking)

Teaching and learning

LUSEM recommends its staff to explore the following three digital apps to enhance the classroom student experience: FlipBoard, Poll Everywhere and Glisser.

Do you need help and support to create your own recordings in your teaching environment? Contact the Division for Higher Education Development (Avdelningen för högskolepedagogisk utveckling) at Lund University. 

New learning platform from 2019

During 2019 - 2020 LUSEM has introduced a new digital learning platform, Canvas, which has replaced Live@Lund. Learn more 


If you need help filming seminars, conferences or large meetings, LU Conferences can be of assistance.
Conferences and events

Research news

If you have tips about research or innovation news for which film could reinforce the news value, contact the communications officers at LUSEM.

General inquires

Are you interested in producing a film but lack the necessary expertise? Contact the communications officers at LUSEM for ideas on how to move forward.


Anna Löthman
Phone: +46 46 222 96 82

Last published: 2020-10-12