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Lund University School of Economics and Management


According to the Higher Education Ordinance, PhD students are entitled to supervision for the entire duration of their PhD studies (i.e. four years of studies). Supervision is to be of a scope such that it enables the PhD student to remain in continuous contact with his or her supervisors for discussion and ongoing exchange of views in the course of the thesis work.

At least two supervisors are to be appointed for each PhD student – a principal supervisor and an assistant supervisor. Additional assistant supervisors can be appointed at any time during the course of the PhD studies if this is deemed appropriate. All supervisors are to have undergone training for supervision in research studies.

At LUSEM, the minimum requirement for a principal supervisor is to be qualified for readership (docent) or to have equivalent research and teaching expertise, unless there are exceptional circumstances. By delegation, the head of the relevant department appoints the supervisor at the start of the PhD student’s research studies.

The PhD student’s wishes are to be taken into account as far as possible in the allocation of supervisors. A PhD student has the right to change supervisors on request.

PhD students are entitled to a minimum of 60 hours of supervision per year. The total supervision time is distributed over the period of study according to the nature of the studies, which normally entails a variation in the intensity of supervision from one semester to the next. It is up to the supervisor to actively follow the studies of the individual research student. The initiative for contact does not rest only with the PhD student. At the latest in conjunction with the annual revision of the individual study plan, the parties involved are to raise any problems in the study programme or concerning finance and take suitable measures together to rectify these problems.