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After the public defence

Grading of the thesis

After the public defence event, the examining committee grades the thesis. The faculty opponent and one of the supervisors (usually the principal supervisor) have the right to be present at the meeting of the examining committee and to take part in the deliberations, but not in the decision. No fee is paid to the examining committee members.

The examining committee is to provide a report of its meetings (minutes). If the thesis is awarded a pass, no justification for the decision is required. A member has the right to record a dissenting opinion, but not its motivation. If the thesis is given a fail grade, the decision is to be justified.

Registration in Ladok

The original of the minutes from the examining committee is to be handed in by the supervisor or the chair of the committee to Charlina Lunvald at the LUSEM faculty office, who then registers a pass grade in Ladok.

Applying for a doctoral degree

Before the PhD student can apply for a doctoral degree, two things need to be registered in Ladok:

  1. the pass grade for the thesis (registered by the Faculty office)
  2. 'all courses for doctor’s degree passed' (registered by an administrator at the PhD student's department)

Because of this, it is preferable that the PhD student has finished all of his/her courses before defending the thesis.

Apply for degree certificate