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Announcement of the public defence (spikning)

The public defence of a doctoral thesis is to be scheduled during the semester, and is to be announced (“spikning”) at least three weeks in advance, of which at least two weeks must be during the semester. Information on when the semester starts and ends can be found to the right.

The PhD student is responsible for ensuring that the announcement is made sufficiently in advance – remember to contact the faculty office in good time. Only in exceptional cases can the notification period be shortened by a week, e.g. if printing was delayed. Decisions on permitting a shorter notification period are taken by the dean.

The announcement of the public defence includes:

  1. Registering the thesis electronically in the research information system LUCRIS. To register your thesis electronically, log in to LUCRIS with your Lucat username and password. Visit the Lund University Library's website for more information on registering and publishing theses.
  2. Submitting 4 copies of the printed thesis to the University Library (UB).
  3. Submitting 4 copies of the thesis to the LUSEM faculty office (Charlina Lunvald), together with the receipt from the University Library. The faculty office then approves the announcement. 
  4. The notification ceremony: nailing a copy of the thesis to the notice board in EC3.

The PhD student is responsible for checking that the thesis is visible once the announcement has been approved by the faculty office. The information registered in LUCRIS is visible to the public and accessed via Upcoming disputations at the Lund University website.

Registering a thesis in lucris

Registering and publishing a thesis

LUCRIS – short guide for PhD students
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The notification ceremony

The notification ceremony is a new tradition at LUSEM.
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