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Courses and credit transfers

In addition to the thesis work, PhD studies can consist of courses and other assessed components, such as conference participation. Both courses and other assessed components are to contribute to the achievement of the learning outcomes of the study programme.

As a part of the studies and thesis work, the PhD students are encouraged to actively participate in seminars on the research activities of the department and the thesis work of other doctoral students. Moreover, PhD students are expected to critically review the thesis work of other students at work-in-progress seminars.

More information about compulsory courses, seminar work and conference participation can be found in the syllabus of each PhD programme. The courses are also presented at the departments' webpages (see links to the right).

Credit transfers

A PhD student has the right to request a review of credit transfers for courses completed in the second cycle and from research studies at other faculties or other higher education institutions in Sweden or abroad. This review is conducted by an examiner, who is appointed by the head of the relevant department. If the head of department is also the supervisor, an examiner is appointed by the deputy head of department or, where applicable, by the dean of LUSEM. The examiner may under no circumstances be the PhD student’s own supervisor.

To apply for a credit transfer, please use the form to the right.

PhD course in Research Ethics

This course is given primarily for PhD students at LUSEM and the Faculty of Social Sciences. The course is compulsory only for PhD students at the Department of Business Law. However, the faculty strongly recommends PhD students admitted from the autumn of 2016 to take the course, preferably early in their PhD studies.

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Sustainability courses

The graduate school Agenda 2030 offers interdisciplinary courses based upon the societal challenges and the sustainability goals of Agenda 2030. The courses are free of charge and open for all PhD students within Lund University, but admission priority will be given to PhD students within the graduate school.

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Teacher training courses

All PhD students at LUSEM are given the opportunity to take part in teacher training courses, in order to be qualified to teach in higher education during and after their studies. Division for Higher Education Development, AHU (former CED, Centre for Educational Development) at Lund University offers cross-disciplinary courses.