LUSEM Staff Pages

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Strategy, mission & vision

LUSEM’s clear and succinct mission and vision frame the School’s activities. 


Our School should prepare students to resolve global challenges through relevant, research-based and business-integrated education.

We do this by:

  • advancing knowledge through distinguished research and teaching, based on our international heritage and Scandinavian roots.
  • taking an active part in developing a sustainable society built on innovative thinking.
  • combining engaging research and close contacts in the business community and the public sector with the academic tradition and diversity within Lund University.


Making a difference - through understanding, explaining and improving our world and the human conditions by expanding our intellectual footprint.


We strive to make a difference in the lives of individuals, enterprise and community. This is the purpose of our research and teaching.

For our students, we strive to build excellence in our teaching. We strive to create an overall learning environment to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to make a contribution to the major challenges of today and unknown challenges for the future, whether as citizens, organizational practitioners or managers. We expect our students to work internationally and therefore we aim for a teaching and learning approach that enables students to learn how to solve problems across cultures.

For our academic faculty, we expect our teaching to be informed by research. Our research is not only to be recognized as internationally excellent, it is research that is to make a real difference to business managers and policy makers. This is also a way to ensure that what we teach our students is going to be relevant for them in their future careers. Our research needs to have an impact on society. To meet critical global challenges, we are also part of a larger community of scholars – from other faculties as well as internationally.

For recruiters, we provide graduates with a solid potential to be reflective practitioners and managers, who are able to work in contemporary environments and in a global business world.

For the larger community, we are proud to be part of the developing Greater Copenhagen region with a rich industrial history. LUSEM is well situated for making a difference by leveraging our knowledge into the Scandinavian region and creating a better place.

In line with the above, all activities at the School are based on internationally excellent or world-class scholarship. Therefore, we endeavour to make a major contribution to learning in all the major disciplines of management. What makes our scholarship distinctive is our belief that many of the major problems in management cannot be solved in isolated silos. We therefore take pride in being a comprehensive business school with broad expertise in Business Law, Economic History, Informatics and Statistics to complement our Business and Economics knowledge.

The connection with business managers and policy makers is also fundamental to how we teach. This has influenced the introduction of internships, shadow-companies, our case-based teaching etc., and the influences from our Senior Corporate Advisory Board and International Advisory Board are evident.