LUSEM’s Research Representative

independent advice and support on scientific matters

The board of Lund University decided 16 May 2019 to establish the function of a "Vetenskapligt ombud" / "Research Representative". Each faculty is responsible for appointing this function for a period of three years. LUSEM appoints Professor Tony Huzzard as LUSEM's Research Representative.

The University has decided that the following shall apply to the Research Representative:

Employees at Lund University shall be able to turn to the representative on issues related to good scientific practice. A scientific delegate shall provide independent advice and support on scientific matters and activities, such as issues related to publication, authoring or research collaborations.

LUSEM appoints Tony Huzzard, professor in Business Administration and Assistant head of department (Dept. of Business Administration), for a period of three years: 2020-2022.


Tony Huzzard
Assistant head of department, professor, assistant head of department
Phone: +46 46 222 42 80

Tony Huzzard


Last published: 2020-05-19