Requirement specification 

for the Dean of LUSEM

The requirement specification is decided by the nomination committee for the election of a new dean in 2020.

The Dean, in collaboration with the Vice Dean, will be the faculty's main representative within and outside the University. The Dean has overall responsibility for the entire faculty and reports to the Faculty Board.


The Dean is:

  • An academically well-established professor or senior lecturer with solid current experience and a very good ability in conducting research, teaching and collaborating with the surrounding community,
  • An experienced, responsible, committed and clear academic leader with personal integrity, who can put visions into action.
  • A relationship builder with a good ability to drive the faculty's questions internally and externally, as well as have good knowledge of both the Swedish and English languages.

The Dean shall:

  • Be the faculty's main representative and act in its interest, both within the university and towards the outside world.
  • Promote the continuous development of education, research and collaboration with the surrounding community, maintain high international quality, and enrich the activities and support each other.
  • Safeguard and develop:
    -the faculty as part of the broad university
    -the collaboration between the faculty’s various departments
    -the collegial processes and academic freedom
    -the transparency and inclusion in decision-making processes and leadership
    -work for good leadership, teamwork and student influence, and
    -work for a sustainable and attractive study and work environment for students and staff, where equality and equal treatment are of paramount importance.
Last published: 2020-04-23