Candidate for Electoral College

a vacant seat in the Electoral College

During the Spring of 2020 LUSEM will hold an election already in April.

There is a vacant seat for the LUSEM representatives in the Electoral College (Universitetskollegiet), the body that will appoint a new Vice Chancellor. This is because Mats Benner has resigned. The remaining members from LUSEM at the college are Linda Öberg and Mats Alvesson.

The Electoral College consists of teaching staff, other employees and students. In the process of appointing a vice-chancellor and deputy vice-chancellor for Lund University the Electoral College is consulted. 

Learn more about the Lund University Electoral College via the following link:

Lund University Electoral College


The call for nominations for a new representative of Electoral college is over (by 22 March). 

During the nomination period up until March 22, the nomination committee received eight nominations. Six of the nominees were prepared to stand as candidates, provided they were proposed by the nomination committee. As the Nomination Committee's task is to submit an elective proposal, only one of the nominations received will appear in connection with the election. Electronic elections will take place from April 6 to April 27.

Adjusted voting list can be found on LUSEM Staff Pages.

Election of Vice-Chancellor at LU

The election process is somewhat delayed due to the Corona pandemic. At the end of August and beginning of September, interviews will be held with the Vice Chancellor (rektor) candidates for Lund University and elections will be held. Scheduled meetings are currently 27, 28, 31 August and 1, 2 September. Thereafter, work on recruitment of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Prorektor) will begin, which will continue during the autumn.

Learn more about the election process at Lund University via the following link:

Recruitment process of the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor


The election committee has nominated Ulrika Wennersten for the position. 

minutes from the Public counting of votes

Last published: 2020-04-30