Elections in progress

1–12 February 2021

During 2021 LUSEM will carry out two parallel election rounds:

  • A by-election regarding two seats at the Faculty Board
  • Election of members for the University Electoral College

The election will be carried out by an electronic voting procedure during the period
1–12 February 2021. The online voting system guarantees complete anonymity and is set up using EasyVote.

LUSEM’s Nomination Committee has put forward a proposal for members of the Faculty Board of the School and Members for the University Electoral College. The proposal is found in the electronic voting system. If you would like to vote for another candidate than proposed, you search and enter a new name in the field “other candidates”.           

In order for a ballot to be valid, you have to cast your vote for the correct number of representatives in both elections.

Voting List

Voting list for the by-election of representatives for the Faculty Board

Voting list for the election of members for the University Electoral College


These are the nominations sent to the Nomination committee:

Last published: 2021-01-25