Nomination Committee

LUSEM's nomination committee

Who constitutes the Nomination Committee at LUSEM?

The Nomination Committee at LUSEM includes five scientifically competent teachers, two representatives for other employees and two students. The unions may each appoint their representatives who are offered the opportunity to attend and present proposals in the nomination committee. The students participate only in the work of preparing and submitting proposals to candidates such as Dean, Vice-Dean, external members of the Faculty board and the Electoral College.

Task and work

The task of the Nomination Committee is to prepare nominations and make proposals for candidates in elections to the Dean and Vice-Dean, as well as members of the Faculty Board and Electoral College. The elections are carried out by the employees voting for the candidates. Regarding the Dean and Vice-Dean, the formal decision to appoint them is made by the vice chancellor of Lund University afterwards.

The Nomination Committee works independently in relation to the current Faculty management and Faculty board. In its work, the committee strives for transparency and openness to various interests and views.

The Nomination Committee intends to anchor its work in a dialogue with the employees at the department and unit level. It must take into account that Lund University’s goal is to ensure a balance between the sexes within all bodies and boards. Balance means that representation of one sex must not be less than 40 percent of the members.

The Nomination Committee also intends to take into account that the Faculty board receives members representing the departments and organisation as a whole at LUSEM.

Members (term of office 2019-12-01 – 2022-11-30)

Mats Olsson, Dept. of Economic History, chair
Fredrik NG Andersson, Dept. of Economics
Anders Anell, Dept. of Business Administration
Jakob Bergman, Dept. of Statistics
Anneli Carlsson, Dept. of Business Law
Anna Thomasson, Dept. of Business Administration
Linda Öberg, Dept. of Informatics
Matilda Eklund, Student Representative
Molly Backman, Student Representative
Göran Andersson, SACO Representative

Elections in progress

Learn more about the ongoing election processes at LUSEM. 


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Mats Olsson
Last published: 2021-01-25