Education council

The Education Council (Utbildningskollegiet , UK) develops and monitors the education at undergraduate and Master’s level at the School. The Education Council is also involved in quality assurance and quality development connected to LUSEM’s accreditations. 

The members of the council are the directors of studies at LUSEM’s academic departments, the programme directors of the undergradatuate programmes at the School as well as the Academic Skills Services. The student union Lundaekonomerna is also represented. 

Members of the Education council, 2019

Kristina Eneroth, Deputy Dean LUSEM

Director of Studies
Anna Thomasson, Department of Business Administration
Anneli Carlsson, Department of Business Law
Tobias Axelsson, Department of Economic History
Pontus Hansson, Department of Economics
Björn Svensson, Department of Informatics
Jakob Bergman, Department of Statistics

Programme Directors
Hans Knutsson, BSc Business and Economics
Martin Blom, BSc International Business
Bo Andersson, BSc Design of Information Systems

Academic Skills Services 
Julienne Stewart Sandgren 

Christoffer Clarin

meetings spring 2019

To be announced.


Kristina Eneroth
Deputy Dean LUSEM
Phone: +46 46 222 4449

Last published: 2020-03-16