Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Tony Johansson

Published: 2021-11-08

After completing the doctoral education PhD student Tony Johansson will defend his thesis 19 November. Get a quick glimpse of his thesis, experiences and near future.

Photo: Per Wilkens

Hi, Tony! You are about to defend your thesis Sweden and Western European Unemployment 1970-1990. In short, what is your thesis about?

“In my dissertation I study the general rise in unemployment that occurred in Western Europe during the second half of the 1970s and the first half of the 1980s. It is also a period when Sweden, in terms of unemployment, did significantly better than many other Western European countries. Much research has been done in this area, but there is no consensus on what factors explain this development. The dissertation has sections that discuss developments of economic doctrines – among other things the emergence of the modern equilibrium unemployment paradigm – as well as empirical ones. In the empirical parts of the dissertation, I show that a better explanation for the general rise in unemployment is obtained if using a structural analytical approach. What characterized the period was a gap between the decline in industrial employment and the service sector’s ability to create new employment. An analysis of the period should therefore begin with this as an analytical framework.“

How would you describe your years as a PhD student at LUSEM?

“I was active as a doctoral student at the Department of Economic history 2007-2012, but for various reasons I never completed my dissertation. It was only in 2019-2020 that I got the time and opportunity to finish. My experience is thus a few years back, but I remember it as a formative period. The Department of Economic History was a good workplace that provided good opportunities for intellectual development.“

What are you up to now?

“Since 2014, I work at Region Skåne. For the first four years, I was an economic policy adviser to the political leadership and I have continued in this role after the election 2018, but now for the political opposition.“

Thank you, Tony! Wishing you all the best!

Tony’s ”Spikning”

Tony traditionally nailed his thesis during the “Spikning“ ceremony 29 October in the Blue Hall in EC3 at LUSEM.

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Tony is a PhD student at Department of Economic History, LUSEM.

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