Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Fabiana Avelar Pereira

Published: 2021-08-26

After completing the doctoral education PhD student Fabiana Avelar Pereira will defend her thesis 16 September. Get a quick glimpse of her thesis, experiences and near future.

Hi, Fabiana! You are about to defend your thesis Global Framework Agreements: A Response to Urgent Global Labour Concerns. In short, what is your thesis about?

"My dissertation focuses on the analysis of ‘global framework agreements’ and their similarity to collective agreements. I try to construct an identification framework for the global framework agreements that can be classified as collective agreements and title these as ‘global collective agreements’. Comparably to the beginnings of collective agreements at the national level, global collective agreements have emerged in the absence of a legal framework and in a regulatory vacuum. Focused on the ILO definition of collective agreements and different national systems, this dissertation identifies a set of core features of the concept of collective agreement and analyses them in relation to global framework agreements. I further carry out a content analysis of all the global framework agreements whose text I had access to and, together with an empirical component, conducted in the form of interviews with key stakeholders (e.g., trade union leaders in Cambodia, company representatives, the employers’ association in Cambodia, global union representatives, etc.), I analyse the functioning and actual implementation of two agreements in the garment industry in Cambodia, focusing on their formal and informal usage. The findings and conclusions unveil problems and include recommendations, but also show positive outcomes, particularly in these agreements’ social dialogue dimension."

In three words, how would you describe your years as a PhD student at LUSEM?


"Being a doctoral student is a privilege. In Sweden, you are investing in your personal and professional skills, while being considered an employee, receiving salary and not having to pay tuition fees. That is not the case in most countries. Furthermore, having four years to solely focus on a subject that you are (hopefully) very interested in is a privilege. Moreover, it is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if you are lucky enough to remain in academia, any job that comes after will probably require a greater division between your research and teaching or administrative tasks."


"Focusing four years of your life on the study of one particular subject is quite overwhelming. You feel the need to know every single thing that is even remotely related to your s.ubject (even if they turn out not to be relevant). It is a lonely task and you second-guess yourself a lot. It is also a bit scary to teach and supervise students, especially in the beginning, when you are more inexperienced. Likewise, presenting your research at conferences, along with people you admire is both exciting and nerve-wracking."


"While being an immense privilege, being a doctoral student also comes with a long of anxiety and, at least for me, feelings of impostor syndrome. While I never, ever, felt like quitting, I did often feel like I would never finish my dissertation or that it would never be good enough. Finishing your dissertation requires organisation, attention to detail and perseverance. From my point of view, you should try to do your best, be hardworking, attentive to details (basically do your part the best you can) but never think that your hiring was a ‘casting mistake’."

What are you up to now?

"I will have my disputation in September. It will on the same day my twin sister had hers, two years ago. I am hoping this a sign of good luck…! I am hoping to finally rest a little and start improving my Swedish right after. I will apply for grants and I would eventually like to become a postdoc or work as an assistant researcher in Sweden. But I am open to other opportunities and, since I have never really worked outside academia, maybe that could be interesting as well."

Thank you, Fabiana! Wishing you all the best!


Fabiana's "Spikning"

Fabiana traditionally nailed her thesis during the "Spikning" ceremony 26 August in the Blue Hall in EC3 at LUSEM.

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Fabiana is a PhD student at the Department of Business law, LUSEM.

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