The Novice Week of 2021: "A great success!"

Published: 2021-08-29

In spite of the circumstances and even some rain the traditionally Novice Week, arranged by LundaEkonomerna, was a success. What was different this time and why is this a good way of starting a semester? Join a short chat with Oscar Stålhök, President of LundaEkonomerna.

Joyful scenes from the Novice Week of 2021 arranged by LundaEkonomerna for new LUSEM students. Photos: LundaEkonomerna

Hi, Oscar, President of LundaEkonomerna! How did the "Novice Week" go?

"I believe it was a great success; judging by the conversations I have had with fadders and novices during the week, the Novice Week was very appreciated!" 

In what way was this week different from a usual year's Novice Week?

"The goal of this year's Novice Week was to give the novices everything that comes from a usual Novice Week while taking every precaution to make it safe for everyone attending and working during the week. It meant limiting the number of people you get in close contact with, assuring satisfactory hand hygiene capacity, and ensuring that we were in line with other restrictions and recommendations from Folkhälsomyndigheten. The Novice Committee did an extraordinary job given the logistical challenges this created. I truly admire them and the work they have put in!"

Why is this a good way of starting a semester?

"The Novice Week is so much more than a fun and memorable week. It is about getting to know Lund as a city, Lund University, and the Union. But more than anything else, it is a chance to meet friends and future classmates - something that is an essential part of our new members' future studies and general well-being."

You had some rain…did that disturb your plans?

"It did mean some extra practical challenges for the Novice Committee, but it was nothing they, our fadders and novices could not overcome, and it had no impact on the mood of everyone attending. After all, we are in Lund, so if you are getting to know the city, that has to be a part of the week, right?"

What are you most looking forward to this week when the semester really begins?

"Meeting our new members and letting them know what the Union has to offer! I am really looking forward to meeting some more people at Skånis and in School, hopefully soon."

Thank's a lot for the chat, Oscar!


Oscar Stålhök
President of LundaEkonomerna


Facts, Novice Week at LUSEM

The Novice Week is arranged by LundaEkonomerna to kick start the very first semester at LUSEM. The Novice Committee arranges the week and invites all new bachelor students to participate.

This year The Novice Week took place between the 23rd and 28th of August.

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