Thanks to our former Dean and Deputy Dean

Published: 2021-02-03

LUSEM's former Dean Fredrik Andersson and former Deputy Dean Kristina Eneroth are leaving their positions after many years, moving on to new missions.

Fredrik Andersson and Kristina Eneroth. Photo: Johan Persson.

Fredrik Andersson and Kristina Eneroth have been part of the LUSEM management team for a long time. Fredrik has been Dean for nine years, and Kristina has been Deputy Dean for 15.5 years. Together they have accomplished a lot and their management period ends with them taking us through the AACSB digital site visit lately.

Fredrik will now go back to conducting research at Department of Economics and Kristina will move on to a position at Lund University as Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University Management. To a certain extent she will continue to work at LUSEM with special projects.


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Fredrik Andersson
Phone: +46 46 222 86 76

Kristina Eneroth
Phone: +46 46 222 44 49, +46 70 879 13 95


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