Teaching in the international classroom

Published: 2021-12-20

Develop your pedagogical skills and teach in the international classroom! Get some interesting information below from three people working with the internationalization of education at the School: Garo, Ulrika and Tobias.

Being an international school with many international students and staff, ASKS, together with the International Office, is working on an initiative to develop the levels of intercultural competence among both students and staff. This is just one aspect of the strong focus on internationalization here at LUSEM. There are two major reasons for this: firstly, according to the strategic plan, we want to make LUSEM a more attractive and welcoming place for international students and staff. Secondly, we wish to implement the concept of internationalization at home which is one of the targets in Lund University’s Action Plan on Internationalization.

As one step towards achieving these goals, we would like to share some information about an upcoming webinar and online workshop series in Spring 2022 on the theme of the international classroom. The first part, on the topic of the international student, will take place on the 21st and 28th January 2022, and is open to all staff at Lund and Malmö universities. Three speakers, from three different universities in three different countries, will be contributing (see link below). One of them will be our very own Tobias Axelsson from the Department of Economic History. This subject is something that really engages him.

“At the webinar, I will talk about my experience of internationalization at LU and LUSEM,” Tobias explains.

“When I started studying in Lund, it was a very Swedish university. Today, students from all over the world fill the classrooms. Of course, this is great, since it creates new opportunities, but it also brings challenges. I often think about how we can make the classroom more inclusive, but also how we can take advantage of international students’ experiences.”

The management at LUSEM is also highly supportive of this initiative. Vice Dean Anna Thomasson adds that “these webinars and workshops tie in directly with the university’s strategic goals on internationalization, which are high on our agenda here at LUSEM as well, and reflects an increasing international focus on diversity and inclusion.”


Tobias Axelsson
Senior lecturer, Department of Economic History

Garo Harwood
Educational developer, ASKS

Ulrika Qvist Mathiesen
Head of The International office

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