Prepared, excited and confident!

Published: 2021-06-15

LundaEkonomerna, our competent and energetic student union, has had an unusual and demanding year. New challenges have led the union board to take new paths and find new strategies. How do the president, the vice president and the new coming president of LundaEkonomerna summarize and what do they see when they look ahead? 

Jakob, Oscar and William summarize and look ahead. With confidence!

"I'm looking forward to be able to open up and let more students in", says Oscar Stålhök, new president from this summer. "I´m excited to see what we will bring with us from this situation of digitization that was forced upon us and how we can use our lessons learned in a more 'back-to-normal-situation'. Actually I have a vison that we will have the best of two worlds." 

President Jakob Hultström Palerius expresses his admiration for his union members:

"I'm impressed that everyone has faught so hard, our committees have found solutions and new ways of doing things. No challenge has been too difficult, either if it was about a big digital ball or a just a tiny detail. They really made the best of every situation. We have also cooperated in a new and more intense way at Lund University and also with unions outside the University, which has been rewarding."

Strong will and problem solving

They all agree upon that this last year has been kind of difficult but the most distinctive feeling is positive

Vice president William Weidow explains:

"Characteristic of the year is that there has been such a strong will, a will to make the best out of the situation, to find a social environment for oneself but also to create just such for others. A will to contribute. I have often been amazed at the great work that has been done by the students, the endurance, the ingenuity...without asking for anything in return. This bodes really well for the future!"

  We will manage and continue to build on the results that we have accomplished during this past year. I feel very secure about that since we have seen problem-solving ability at such a high level.

The three board members see of course challenges ahead but they feel prepared and confident about these challenges:

"The greatest challenge is of course the uncertainty", says Oscar. "We can't do much about that but i strongly feel that, regardless of the situation next semester, we will manage and continue to build on the results that we have accomplished during this past year. I feel very secure about that since we have seen problem-solving ability at such a high level. We simply feel confident about being able to solve problems in a good way." 

Challenges and new focus

Jakob, William and Oscar undoubtedly look ahead with confidence but are there no dark clouds at all in the student sky? 

"Of course", William says. "A main problem we have is that a lot of students have felt and are feeling alone, have lost energy and need more support. A suggestion that LundaEkonomerna have had for years is to hire a school counselor at LUSEM. We have seen a great need for that also before the pandemic and we have communicated this demand on more or less every meeting with the department managers."

With both challenges and great things to look forward to, the focus for the new president is, not surprisingly, the students and their wellbeing. Oscar wants to get more union members in and is convinced that when we are back on campus it will be easier to capture students and to show them what the union is all about, in real life. To be a union member is a really good way to to get involved, have fun and feel comfortable during the study period. 

"An important keyword is social sustainability", says Oscar. Jakob adds: "Yes, one important goal is to work more with social sustainability, to be able to do that we have appointed a brand new committee for sustainability, who will work with all kinds of important sustainability issues, not at least social sustainability."

Positive conclusions

Finally, a "one liner" each to the question: 'What is positive about LundaEkonomerna and their work this autumn?'

William: "The most postive thing is the possibility to be able to once again reach out to all our members and to feel that we create a context, with hopefully some joy and happiness."

Jakob: "Positive is that even under rather poor conditions we have managed to conduct good and fun acitivities. It will be so interesting to see what will come out of all this during the upcoming fall."  

Oscar: "The possibility to create value for all our members and to hopefullly reach out to even more members. To, through lessons learned and under better conditions, be able to create a higher value in education, study-social activities and corporate relations."

In conclusion a summarizing reflection by Jakob, the soon former president of LundaEkonomerna, leaving a unique, very special term of office behind: 

"Lund University is a rather sluggish organisation with no high speed when it comes to change. During the pandemic we had to make changes very fast. This is what LundaEkonomerna always do really, we try to push things forward, we try to speed up the development. Surprisingly it has shown that there are possibilities at the University, that we can do a fast turn, that we can make rapid change. In all this the student perspective has become clearer, what the students need. I'm happy about this development."


President of LundaEkonomerna

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