New routines for friskvårdsersättning (wellness compensation) 2020

Published: 2020-06-17

In the past, wellness compensation has been paid regarding receipts that are dated a maximum of one year in time, provided that you are seeking compensation for the year the purchase was made. Only purchases made in November or December can be transferred to the following year.

2020, new rules have been introduced which means that you should file your case in Primula by 15 January 2021 in order to be able to apply for compensation for activities that are purchased and paid during 2020. Thereafter, the possibility of applying for compensation for 2020 activities ceases. You should send the receipts to the HR section immediately when you have reached the maximum amount of SEK 1,870. If you wait until December to send in your receipts, the payment of compensation may be delayed, as the workload is very high at the HR section towards the end of the year.


The HR section at LUSEM:

Emma Carolander

Karin Wandér

Erik Siebers