New partnership with university in New Zealand

Published: 2022-09-27

The other day Mats Benner shook hands with a visitor from New Zealand. They both looked very happy. Learn why below!

Will Shannon and Mats Benner have an agreement. Photo: Amanda Knöös

Will Shannon, Director at the international office at the University of Canterbury Business School in Christchurch New Zealand first visited Lund ten years ago while working on his PhD thesis. He conducted a series of interviews with students from the University of Canterbury, inquiring about their experiences from studying abroad. 

This fall he returned with a slightly different objective in mind. While Lund University has had a bilateral student exchange agreement with University of Canterbury for some twenty years, we are happy to announce that we are at the final stages of signing our own agreement between LUSEM and the University of Canterbury Business School.

“The agreement will establish an exchange programme between our business schools, meaning that more of our students will get the opportunity to go there, without having to compete for spots with students from other faculties”, says Ulrika Qvist Mathiesen Head of office at LUSEM’s International office.

Happy faces when Will Shannon from University of Canterbury Business School visited LUSEM. From the left: Ulrika Qvist Mathiesen, Will Shannon, Mats Benner and Martin Blom. Photo. Amanda Knöös.

She adds that “We are especially proud and happy to establish this cooperation since it is the first between LUSEM and a business school in New Zealand. We know it’s a popular country among our students and the University of Canterbury Business school has a strong reputation. It is triple crown accredited and offers several programmes and courses that are high in demand, the one in entrepreneurship and innovation most notable among them.”

LUSEM and University of Canterbury Business School are now at the final stages of signing the agreement and the first exchanges should start by fall 2023.


Ulrika Qvist Mathiesen

Head of office, International Office, LUSEM
Phone: +46 46 222 32 59
+46 70 347 20 69