Minutes in brief

brief updates from the faculty board meetings 

The LUSEM Faculty Board meet three times per semester. If you are curious and want to get a brief glimpse of what is on the agenda and what decisions taken you can get very brief information in "Minutes in brief". 

Minutes in brief in chronological order

The minutes from the meetings with the LUSEM Faculty Board are always to be found in LU Box but at this page you can get them in a very brief version. Get quickly updated about what was discussed and decided at the board with Minutes in brief:

LUSEM Faculty Board meeting 5 March 2021

  • Establishment of evaluation of the doctoral programmes in Business Law and Informatics.
  • Decision about new members of the Partnership Foundation board, 2021–01–01 – 2021–12–31: Ulf Johansson and Caroline Hellström.

  • Decision on the Dean's disposition and the creation of institutes for the
    fiscal year of 2021.

To the minutes of 5 March in LU Box

LUSEM Faculty Board meeting 28 April 2021

  • Establishment of evaluation of the doctoral programme in Statistics.
  • Process for setting LUSEM's strategy for 2022-2025 incepted, including first discussion of goals and aims of the school  for the coming years.

To the minutes of 28 April in LU Box

LUSEM Faculty Board meeting 17 June 2021

  • The Faculty board will participate in a board member training session together with LTH, tentatively held on 5 October.
  • The Research Committee is currently working on a review of the process for the promotion of professors and will present a proposal for a new routine this autumn.
  • The new JLM committee (Gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity council) will soon be in place with both HR and legal expertise. A working group has begun a review of LUSEM's guide to prevent discrimination.
  • The board appointed programme directors at both bachelor and master level for the academic year 2021/22 in accordance with proposals.
  • The board appointed the members of LUSEM's Appointments board 2021-07-01–2024-06-30 in accordance with proposals.

To the minutes of 17 June in LU Box

LUSEM Faculty Board meeting 13 October 2021

  • New call for interdisciplinary research collaborations within LUSEM and in a number of themes. LUSEM co-finances with one million kronor. Notification of approved applications will be submitted before the turn of the year 2022.
  • Workshops for managers, supervisors and young researchers on stress management and work planning will be conducted at LUSEM by the HR sector.
  • The announcement of the vacancy as Manager for collaboration (Samverkanschef) has generated 38 applicants. Five candidates will be called for an interview shortly.
  • The work with the EQUIS mid-term report has begun. EFMD must receive this report no later than 10 December.
  • Programme control card (program-styrkort) / CEQ and the outcome of BISC regarding the academic year 2020/21 have been decided

The minutes of this meeting will be uploaded in LU Box shortly.