Meet the new management team at LUSEM: ”We are a strong team!”

Published: 2020-12-15

Some colleagues are, more than usual, looking forward to the upcoming new year. LUSEM’s new management team from January 2021 is eager to get started, and their first meeting has already taken place. Last week they met for a start-up; Dean Mats Benner, Deputy Dean Maria Stanfors, Associate vice-dean Anna Thomasson and Associate vice-dean Ulf Johansson. They all hold new positions but have all worked at the School for a long time and are well acquainted with structures and issues.

Mats Benner, Maria Stanfors, Ulf Johansson and Anna Thomasson.

How do you feel about your new job and what is most important to start working with?

Mats: ”I am really looking forward to this new position and I feel honored to have gained this trust. We have ideas about many things and I am pretty sure that we will have full work weeks during the spring. My New Year’s resolution to everyone at LUSEM is that we will work as a strong team and do our very best.”

Maria: ”There is always something positive associated with new challenges! I am especially looking forward to help facilitate and develop the research conducted at the School. There are many research projects and programs going on that together represent the strength of many competences among faculty and PhD candidates. In the coming years, I would like to establish ways to strengthen research at LUSEM further through efficient infrastructure and more collaboration within the School – I believe we can do better by working together."

Anna: ”I am thrilled but also humble taking this on. Research and education are connected and I would like to increase the strenght that develops when these fields work side by side."

Ulf: "I was honored to receive the question. About developing collaboration and external engagement further I would like to do more than just to write about it, we have greater demands than that and we must meet them. I will focus on the important part third stream activities which should be related to the interaction between research and education at the School.”

”Since our team consist of people who complement each other in terms of experience and skills, we believe we are well prepared to deal with the interaction between research, education and cooperation in a way that benefits the School in the future”, Maria and Mats conclude.

Editor's note: Alf Rosenbäck, Head of faculty office, is as before also part of the management team.

Who is who in LUSEM's new management team

Mats Benner
Dean, Professor in Research Policy 
More about Mats Benner in the Research Portal

Maria Stanfors
Deputy Dean, Professor in Economic history
More about Maria Stanfors in the Research Portal

Anna Thomasson
Vice Dean, with special responsibility of education,
Associate professor in Business Administration
More about Anna Thomasson in the Research Portal

Ulf Johansson
Vice Dean with special responsibility of external engagement
Professor in Business Administration
More about Ulf Johansson in the Research Portal