Almedalen this summer? Yes, we will be there!

Published: 2022-06-01

LUSEM will definitely be represented in Almedalen this summer. As planned so far Johan Axhamn and Anna Thomasson are heading towards Gotland within barely a month.

Almedalen and the cathedral of Visby in the background. Photo: Janol/iStock

Almedalsveckan/Almedalen Week has been going on for 50 years and is arranged by Region Gotland in cooperation with the local parties represented in the Swedish Parliament. Lund University has participated since 2009 and since then researchers from LU have participated on site every year except for during the pandemic. This year many researchers from Lund University will go to Almedalen, from LUSEM three will, as planned so far, give lectures. 

Social media’s impact

Johan Axhamn, Senior lecturer in Business Law at LUSEM, is one of the speakers during the seminar AI, sociala medier och demokrati. Social media’s impact on democracy is a huge and creates a complex debate. The seminar is arranged by the Lund University network AI Lund. One of the reasons for the seminar is that there will be parliamentary elections this autumn but also because there is new research within the field. The seminar deals with AI's impact on freedom of speech and the democratic conversation. Based on current research and legislative initiatives, will the possible relevance of ethical guidelines, self-regulation and legislation on the use of AI on social media and other digital platforms, be discussed.

The participants are conducting research within the field, Johan for example has ongoing research about the regulations of AI.   

Water democracy

Anna Thomasson, Associate professor and Vice dean at LUSEM, takes part in a session about Vattendemokrati/Water democracy and will speak about related matters like water resources that are not always managed sustainably and how hard and time consuming changes towards a lasting and democratic management of water resources can be.

Från a-kassa till b-kassa på 40 år

Andreas Bergh, Associate professor in Economics at LUSEM takes part at a TCO seminar when a new report is presented about Swedish unemployment in an international perspective. 


Our very own Vice-Chancellor of Lund University, Erik Renström, will also attend at Almedalen. He will for example participate in one seminar about how universities can contribute to creating a more existentially sustainable society, and in another about hatred and threats against researchers.