A Swedish champion at LUSEM!

Published: 2021-08-26

Your colleagues might have skills you can't imagine! For example, did you know that one of Sweden's best badminton players works at the Department of Statistics?

Behnaz Pirzamanbein won the Swedish Championship in badminton in the mixed category.

Congratulations to Associate senior lecturer Behnaz Pirzamanbein at the Department of Statistics who won the Swedish Championship in badminton in the mixed category for +35-year-olds last weekend!

Learn more about Behnaz's love for badminton and how she can combine her job as a researcher with training and competitions. Time for another colleague check!

Desire to study and play badminton brought her to Sweden

Behnaz came to Sweden from Iran for master's studies in mathematics and modeling in Växjö in 2008. Not only studies attracted Behnaz to the northern part of the world. Since she knew that badminton was big in Denmark and Sweden, Behnaz found the perfect combination, to study her subjects and engage in the sport she loves. And not only that. In her role as a teacher her passion seems to fit well in:  

"For me, badminton, statistics and pedagogy go hand in hand. What I learn as a teacher at the University, I can take with me as a coach in badminton. From teaching statistics, to showing children how to hold their racket. And I can benefit from the methods I use when I coach an adult in the badminton hall when I teach," Behnaz says. "And the other way around, I read a lot of articles about how to improve your teaching and I can use that knowledge when I coach badminton players..."

 For me, badminton, statistics and pedagogy go hand in hand.

About what makes badminton such a good type of training and sport Behnaz says: "Badminton is the perfect sport. All the lunges* you do, you use your muscles in your arms repeatedly when hitting the ball...Actually your whole body gets to work out. If you want to keep fit, play badminton!" 

Skilled in time management

To keep the career as a badminton player running while working full time at LUSEM, training the Swedish national U15 team and also being engaged in different projects related to both her research and her favourite sport requires some skills in time management.

"I'm efficient and with some planning I have time for everything I want to do. I spend at least ten hours a week on physical exercise like biking, weight training and yoga. And badminton of course!" Behnaz says. "The training gives me a lot of energy; energy that I can benefit from in my research and teaching."

Goals and challenges

One driving force for Behnaz is her desire for striving towards and achieving new goals and accepting challenges: "I like to learn and I like to have goals. Badminton gives me this. Even if I have played badminton since I was little I can still learn new things, for example during the last years I have learned to play mixed badminton, something I hadn't tried before." 

All goals are not badminton related though: "After having watched the women's Olympic cycling road race recently I went biking the next day trying to ride as fast as the winner. I didn't succeed though but I have a new goal!"

Thank you so much Behnaz for this "colleague check" and good luck in the future both in the badminton court and at LUSEM! 

Lunge = A vital part of footwork when a badminton player stretches out a leg 'racket-side' while striking the shuttle (ed:s note).

More about Behnaz

Behnaz's career in brief:

  • Two Master's degrees in Sweden, one in mathematical modeling at Linnaeus University and one in mathematical statistics at Lund University.
  • PhD in mathematical statistics and environmental sciences at Lund University.
  • Two Postdoc employments in a row at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, with a focus on image analysis and computer graphics.
  • Employed as an Associate senior lecturer at Department of Statistics since September 2020.


Behnaz's profile in the Research Portal


Behnaz plays in Aura Badminton club in Malmö where she also has her own coach. She plays and compete in the classes double and mixed. 


The Swedish Championship in badminton

This year's Swedish Championship in badminton was given the weekend 20-22 August in Tranås.  

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