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2017-09-21 Want to teach in Vienna?
2017-09-21 Call for proposals – University of Nottingham
2017-09-21 Application for Erasmus+ teacher mobility and staff training
2017-09-08 Need a new computer?
2017-09-07 Elect Dean, Deputy Dean and representatives for the Faculty Board
2017-09-06 Report from the autumn semester introduction meeting
2017-09-05 Start writing for The Conversation – Kick off, 20–26 September
2017-09-01 Apply for LUSEM's Teacher Scholarships
2017-08-23 Register now for the LINXS Kickoff workshop in Lund on advanced Neutron and X-ray Science
2017-08-18 More than 180 new exchange students at LUSEM
2017-08-15 Do not miss it: Introductory meeting for staff at LUSEM.
2017-07-11 Research collaboration wanted! Apply for funding!
2017-06-21 Dean's letter
2017-06-19 LINXS Kickoff. Register Now!
2017-06-13 The Maurice Lauré Prize to researcher at Department of Business Law
2017-06-08 Utvecklingskonferens 17
2017-06-07 Employed as a course administrator? Sign up for the NUAK conference!
2017-06-02 Buy tickets to the jubilee follies Arma Mater
2017-05-17 Join the audience of Fråga Lund!
2017-05-15 Back to school to conduct research on sustainability
2017-05-10 Theme for young PhD:s 2018, call for proposals
2017-05-10 Thesis in Economics awarded best doctoral thesis
2017-05-03 Strategic thinking, can we learn it?
2017-05-02 Apply for travel grants from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
2017-04-26 Nominate your candidates

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Update on the deputy vice-chancellor selection process
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