Personal data and confidentiality

Data that contains personal information has to be handled according to certain regulations. 

Note that:

  • All handling of personal data must be registered in Personal Data Lund University (PULU).
  • Informed consent is usually a requirement when you collect personal data. Read more about this on the Lund University webpage for informed consent in the link below. 
  • Sensitive information such as interviews (audio files and transcriptions), survey responses, and consent documents, should be stored in a secure location. For example, use a strongbox or on secure server space.

It must be decided how codes, de-identification of data, and encryption keys are to be managed.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that took effect on the 25th of May 2018, sets stricter requirements on how personal data may be managed at the university. 

If you have questions regarding research using individual-level data linked with registers you can contact LUPOP. LUPOP is an open resource available for all researchers at Lund University (see link below). 

At LUSEM there are several centers and groups working with research data management. The Center for Economic Demography deal with personal data, such as register data, and with issues regarding GDPR compliance in relation to research data. For questions on these topics you can contact Gustav Öberg.

Further resources:

Personal Data Lund University (PULU)

Personal data and data protection (GDPR) on Lund University Staff Pages

LUPOP for researchers

LUPOP webpage about GDPR

Lund University webpage about informed consent


If you have any questions on personal data please contact 

Last published: 2020-09-17