For Deans and Heads of Departments

This page provides a summary of some of the key rules and regulation that fall under the responsibility of the deans and heads of departments concerning research data.

Ownership of data

Research data in general belongs to the university rather than the individual researcher. 

In collaborative projects with other universities it is vital to ensure that ownership of data is clear. In international collaborations one needs to determine which countries laws apply.


According to Swedish law, research data has to be archived (The Swedish National Archives Regulation on preservation and disposal (in Swedish, PDF)). It is the responsibility of the Heads of Departments and Managers at the equivalent level to ensure that archiving regulations are adhered to. 

At this time Lund University does not have a technical solution for e-archiving, but there are local solutions that can be used in the meantime. 

Personal and sensitive data

Each head of department is responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal data is carried out in a correct and legal way. 

This includes insuring notification to the university’s personal data representation and application for ethical vetting when necessary. Safe storage must also be insured, see information for Lund University School of Economics and Management. 


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Last published: 2020-09-11