Reference management

With a reference management tool you can create and organize your references, easily insert citations in your text, and create references according to a specific standard. The LUSEM library provides introductions and support for EndNote and Zotero.


EndNote is available for students and staff at Lund University. To download EndNote on a PC, please contact LU Servicedesk. EndNote on Mac is installed through the Self Service function preinstalled on your computer; ask LU Servicedesk if you have any questions regarding how to install EndNote. Students can download EndNote directly via the Student Portal. 


Zotero is a free, open source software and can be downloaded from the Zotero webpage: 

Reference management support at LUSEM

For introductions to and support of EndNote and Zotero, you are always welcome to contact Hanna Wilhelmsson at the LUSEM Library. If she is not able to answer your questions, she will direct you to someone that can.


Hanna Wilhelmsson
Library manager
Phone: +46 46 222 94 67, +46 72 454 69 41
Room: Alfa 6 A:420


Ola Videke
Phone: +46 73 069 54 52
Room: Alfa 6 A:414

Last published: 2020-09-17