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Reimbursement of healthcare 

lusem procedure regarding Reimbursement of costs

This is the procedure that should be followed at LUSEM regarding reimbursement of costs for health promotion, healthcare and medication. 

Follow these steps:

Employees do the following themselves:

1.Register the expense in SSC Primula:

  • “Min sida” (My Pages)
  • “Ersättningar/Arvoden” (Reimbursement/Fees)
  • Select the form for “Friskvård LU” (LU Health Promotion) or “Sjukvård och läkemedel” (Healthcare and Medication)

2. Print out an “Utläggsbilaga” (Expense attachment) from SSC Primula.

3. Attach the original receipts to the expense attachment.

4. Send in the expense attachment and the receipts to:

Human resources administrator Karin Wandér
LUSEM Faculty Office
Internal mailing code: 10


Health promotion expenses are reimbursed up to SEK 1 870 (2018) per calendar year. The receipt for the health promotion expense is to contain information on:

• The amount
• The employee’s name
• The period of activity
• The salesperson/name of the health promotion supplier
• What was purchased (annual membership, session card, course sign-up, etc.)


In case of payment via autogiro, attach a copy of a bank statement and a dated receipt from the health promotion supplier, showing the name, price and period of activity covered. The health promotion benefit is paid out in the year in which the employee incurred the expense. The benefit can be paid out at most twice per year.


Receipts for medication (= prescription specification) are to contain the patient’s personal identity number. Reimbursement is paid out for the amount specified on the receipt as the patient’s fee/within the cost ceiling/benefit. In case of doctor’s consultation and other healthcare, costs that are covered by the cost ceiling are subject to reimbursement.  

Doctor’s consultation

Reimbursement for a doctor’s consultation is at most SEK 95 per visit (2018).

Dental care

Dental care in the form of oral surgery treatment carried out at a hospital or at a faculty of odontology will be reimbursed up to SEK 95 per consultation (2018).

Psychological treatment

Psychological treatment, after referral from a doctor, provided by a registered psychiatrist, registered psychologist or registered psychotherapist, will be reimbursed up to SEK 95 per consultation (2018).


Physiotherapy, after referral from a doctor, provided by a registered physiotherapist, will be reimbursed up to SEK 55 per consultation (2018).

Hospital stays

Hospital stays will be reimbursed up to SEK 70 (2018) for each day in inpatient care. Reimbursement for medication and healthcare must be requested within two years of the day the expense was incurred.

Please note that reimbursements for medication and healthcare are taxable.


ssc primula

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Karin Wandér
Human resources administrator
Phone: +46 46 222 06 36
Room: EC1:318

Karin Wandér