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There are many commendable examples at LUSEM both from research and education where sustainability is integrated. However, in order for LUSEM to be a first choice when it comes to attracting excellent faculty, the best students and partners in various outreach activities, we need to join forces and start collaborating within and between all our departments in the area of sustainability.

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The LUSEM Sustainability Research Network (the LSRN Initiative) receives financial support from the Dean’s Office at LUSEM. Now is the time to join forces and we invite you all to an engaging meeting where, together, we will draw up an action plan for the LSRN Initiative. The focus will be on ways to initiate interdisciplinary research and educational projects, as well as joint research grant applications among LUSEM’s faculty, with other research colleagues within Lund University and with representatives from both the private and public sector.


Susanne Arvidsson
Dept. of Business Administration
Head of the LSRN Initiative

Axel Hilling
Dept. of Business Law

Paul Pierce
Dept. of Informatics

upcoming events and meetings

Announcements for spring 2020 are coming up soon.

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LUSEM Sustainability Research Network

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