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LUCRIS - research information system

LUCRIS is Lund University’s new research information system, where you are able to enter information about yourself, your research group, projects, publications and activities. The information is presented externally via the Lund University research portal.

LUCRIS is a research information system whose purpose is not only to register and highlight Lund University's research publications, but also projects, collaborations and other research-related activities. Having this information collected in one place provides a positive image of you as a researcher linked to the university.

How does it work?

LUCRIS is a system that gathers and displays information from several other systems – contracts, projects, publications and other activities that combine to enable the dissemination of your research profile. And you can reuse the information you have entered in LUCRIS by using the system’s CV module.

Within LUCRIS, you can create links and relations between different information objects in the system. For example, you can connect publications to projects, which you in turn can connect to contracts. You can highlight contributions you have published after a conference in relation to the keynote lecture you gave at the conference. And of course, the more such relations you create, the higher the visibility of your research outputs.

LUSEM requirements

Download the quick guide below that focuses on the information that LUSEM's Management Team requires researchers to register. It is also possible to register activities and projects (if you are managing a project); however, you are not required to do this now. Activities and projects can be left to the annual activity report later this year.

LUCRIS at LUSEM - a very quick guide (pdf)

The information is of interest to others

  • The information you provide will be visible to other researchers, which can lead to new collaborations and projects.

  • The information will also be available to financiers and donors, with features where you can send links when reporting that highlight the various forms of output a certain contract has generated.
  • A clear and updated profile in the university's research database makes it easier for journalists and reporters to find the right expertise in different fields.
  • The research portal also provides the opportunity for students and members of the public to closely follow research of particular interest.

LUP and the LUSEM faculty database

LUCRIS replaces LUSEM's current Faculty Database as well as LUP (Lund University Publications) as a single source of research information.