Film for education

different approaches for making film for education 

Film a lecture or presentation

LUSEM does not recommend that entire lectures are filmed or streamed. It is much better to provide shorter film clips, that can easily be filmed by your own computer. However, information of additional resources are found below:

On your own computer
Film a lecture or presentation on Zoom and publish it on Canvas via Canvas Studio. See detailed instructions under "Canvas for online teaching". We recommend using a pair of headsets or headphones with a microphone for better sound. 

Zoom studio at LUSEM
At LUSEM you are now able to book a studio for easy film production via Zoom or for giving a live lecture via Zoom. You bring your own laptop and connect to a web camera and microphone and you produce the film via Zoom. In the studio there are light boxes, a short manual and a door sign saying that the room is occupied. Supplementary equipment will be put in place eventually. 

Read more about the studio

Ideon video studio
Ideon has a small studio that you can rent for 500 SEK per hour (each session has to be at least two hours). Contact for more information and help to book the studio. 

Read more at Ideon's website

The studio at LU Conference
LU Conference has a studio if you want to record a lecture or a thesis defence. The price range for this service is 10 000– 25 000 SEK. Contact LU Conference at or call Richie Gray at +46 46 222 77 17 for more information.

Read more at LU Conference

The studio at Lund University, Corporate Communications
There is a new studio at Lund University, Corporate Communications. The studio is mainly aimed towards research news or student recruitment. Contact the LUSEM communication's officers at if you have got an idea.

Studios at other faculties
There are studios at the Faculty of Law and the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. Contact the LUSEM communication's officers at if you want us to contact the faculties to see if there are any availability. 

The DIY approach
You can achieve "good enough" video quality with a cell phone, an external omni directional lavalier microphone and a tripod. Contact the LUSEM communication's officers at for an introduction to these techniques. 

Here are some examples of this approach:

LUSEM's new film studio

At LUSEM we are building a new studio for film production located in the old library in EC1. The studio will be available for teachers to book in January 2021.

Anna Löthman

Further information for digital learning 

Go digital at LUSEM

Teaching and learning online

Last published: 2021-05-28