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Routines and forms

Education and study administration at LUSEM

The following administrative routines are jointly developed by the administrators at LUSEM and decided by the LUSEM dean (STYR 2019/1231). At the bottom of the list you will also find the documents that are under development.

The routines shall to the greatest possible extent, be followed by all of the departments at LUSEM.

The routines are updated annually before the upcoming academic year. All routine documents are in Swedish. For suggestions and changes please contact the respective document owner.

Routine documents

Administration of bachelor's programmes at LUSEM

Document ower: Pernilla Honoré

Administration av kandidatprogram vid Ekonomihögskolan

Administration of international student mobility at LUSEM

Document owner: Maria Nilsson

Administration av internationell studentmobilitet vid Ekonomihögskolan

Administration of master's programmes at LUSEM

Document owner: Anna Holmes

Administration av magister- och mastersprogram vid Ekonomihögskolan

Administration of PhD studies at LUSEM

Document owner: Charlina Lunvald

Administration av forskarutbildning vid Ekonomihögskolan

Admission and registration at LUSEM

Document ower: Viktoria Svenby

Antagning och registrering vid Ekonomihögskolan

Appointment of examiners at LUSEM

Document owner: Linda Öberg

Utnämnande av examinatorer vid Ekonomihögskolan

Credit transfer at LUSEM

Document owner: Viktoria Svenby

Tillgodoräknande vid Ekonomihögskolan

Study administrative calendar at LUSEM

Document owner: Linda Öberg

Kalendarium för utbildningsadminstration vid Ekonomihögskolan

Documents under development

Scheduling and booking of premises at LUSEM

Document owner: Marie Pihl

Schemaläggning och lokalbokning vid Ekonomihögskolan
(Will be published 2020)

Administration of written exams at LUSEM

Document ower: Tomas Sjö

Administration av tentamina vid Ekonomihögskolan
(Will be published 2020)

Administration of study results at LUSEM

Document owner: Azra Padjan

Administration av studieresultat vid Ekonomihögskolan
(Will be published 2020)

Canvas - administrative routine at LUSEM

Document owner: Nathalie Stenbeck

Canvas - administrativ rutin vid Ekonomihögskolan
(Will be published 2020)