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NEW COURSE! Application deadline 8 March, 2023

Den goda föreläsningen (in Swedish)

All courses below have an application deadline 30 November 2022

Courses in English (on site)

Teaching and learning in higher education

Teaching portfolio

Courses in English (online)

Open Networked Learning

Teaching and Learning – Extension

Courses in English (blended)

Teaching and learning in higher education

Courses in Swedish (on site)

Doctoral supervision

To supervise essays

Director of Studies - in Higher Education Development

Courses in Swedish (online)

Teaching and learning in higher education

Courses in Swedish (blended)

Course design in higher education

About AHU

AHU (Division for Higher Education Development) offers courses all year around but according to a yearly cycle the courses are divided into two main groups Teaching and learning and Course design. The overall aim is that all teaching faculty members are to complete at least 5 weeks (7,5 credits) of courses in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (högskolepedagogik).

Division for Higher Education Development


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