Courses autumn 2020


Due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-restrictions, AHU’s courses for autumn 2020 will be given as distance education. If the restrictions are eased, some courses or modules may be given on campus instead. Applicants will be informed on any changes.

Courses in English: (Application deadline: 8 June 2020)

Courses in Swedish

  • Lärarrollen i högre utbildning (8 June 2020) Course content
  • Den goda föreläsningen More information to come. Learn more

When are the courses given?

AHU offers courses all year around but according to a yearly cycle the courses are divided into two main groups Teaching and learning and Course design. For an overview of the yearly cycle for the courses learn more via this year cycle or look up the General course information.


Contact person at LUSEM is Jeanette Ströberg, responsible for information and course registration.

Courses in Canvas

Check out all about courses in Canvas at the Canvas blog.

For further assistance and for special arranged courses for teachers and course administrators with upcoming programmes in Canvas spring 2020 or autumn 2020 please get in contact with Anna Löthman.

Last published: 2020-10-12