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The Programme Board

OF EDUCATION Programmes in Information Systems

The programme board assists and supports the programme directors with quality assurance and development of the Bachelor's Programme in Design of Information Systems (SysKand) and the Master's Programme in Information Systems (MIS).


Björn Svensson, SysKand programme director
Christina Keller, MIS programme director
Miranda Kajtazi, SysKand teacher representative
Markus Lahtinen, MIS teacher representative
Viktoria Svenby, SysKand programme coordinator
Anna Holmes, MIS programme coordinator
Linda Öberg, MIS programme coordinator
Nicole Engberg, Student representative, LundaEkonomerna
External participants when needed

Proposals and agenda

Proposals for the board are sent to Miranda Kajtazi. The agenda is sent to the members one week before the meeting.

Meetings in Spring 2020

17 January 11.15-13.00

3 March 10.15-12.00

5 May 10.15-12.00

Venue: EC2-241 Verona


Miranda Kajtazi
Senior lecturer
Phone: +46 46 222 80 23
Room: EC2-271