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Lund University School of Economics and Management

The Management team


The management team (Ledningsgruppen) prepares matters for the department board regarding finance, strategy, personnel and administration. The management team is also acting as a driving force for the development of the department and provides support to the head of department in both strategic and ongoing management issues. 


Nicklas Holmberg, Head of department
Christina Keller, Director of PhD studies
Björn Svensson, Director of studies
Linda Öberg, Coordinator

When needed, other staff members can be invited to the meetings.

Meetings 2019

28 January 10.15-12.00

14 March 10.15-12.00

9 May 10.15-12.00

29 August 10.15-12.00

9 October 10.15-12.00

21 November 10.15-12.00

Venue: EC2-241 Verona

Meetings 2020

21 Janary 10.15-12.00

10 March 10.15-12.00

12 May 10.15-12.00

August TBA

October TBA

November TBA

Venue: EC2-241 Verona


Linda Öberg
Phone: +46 46 222 39 88
Room: EC2-273