The Education committee (GuKom)


GuKom prepares matters to the department board regarding education on basic and advanced level - such as syllabuses, literature lists, sets of exams, etc. GuKom is also acting as a driving force in quality assurance and development of the department's education and courses. 


Björn Svensson, Director of studies and SysKand programme director (chair)
Christina Keller, MIS programme director
Benjamin Weaver, Teacher representative
Magnus Wärja, Teacher representative
Markus Lahtinen, Teacher representative
Miranda Kajtazi, Teacher representative
Paul Pierce, Teacher representative
Linda Öberg, Administrative representative
Student representative, from the student union LundaEkonomerna
External participants when needed


Björn Svensson
Lecturer, director of studies
Phone: +46 46 222 81 83
Room: EC2-281

Last published: 2020-12-10