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The Department Board


The board of the Department of Informatics is responsible for outlining the guiding principles of the department, for seeing to that these guidelines are followed and for deciding on any other questions delegated to it.


Nicklas Holmberg, Head of Department, Chairman
Björn Johansson, Associate professor
Björn Svensson, Lecturer
Christina Keller, Professor
Miranda Kajtazi, Senior lecturer
Linda Öberg, Coordinator, Secretary
Elin Melkersson, Student representative, LundaEkonomerna


Markus Lahtinen, Lecturer
Olgerta Tona, Senior lecturer
Blerim Emruli, Senior lecturer
Osama Mansour, Senior lectorer
Anna Holmes, Course administrator
Lisa Jakobsson, Student representative, LundaEkonomerna


Representative, Student Union for PhD Students (EDR)


The department board has six meetings per year.

The September meeting focuses on strategy.
The October meeting focuses on economy and budget.
The December meeting focuses on research.
The February meeting focuses on quality and development work.
The March meeting focuses on organisation, environment and work environment.
The May meeting focuses on education.

Proposals and agenda

Proposals for the board are sent to the Linda Öberg two weeks before the meeting. Proposals regarding education are also sent to the Director of Studies for preparation in GuKom. Proposals regarding research and PhD studies are also sent to the Director of PhD Studies for preparation in FoKom

The agenda is sent to the members one week before the meeting.

Meetings 2019

6 February 13.15-16.00

27 March 13.15-16.00

22 May 13.15-16.00

11 September 13.15-16.00

23 October 13.15-16.00

4 December 13.15-16.00

Venue: EC2-207 Bilbao

Meetings 2020

5 February 13.15-16.00

25 March 13.15-16.00

27 May 13.15-16.00

September TBA

October TBA

December TBA

Venue: EC2-207 Bilbao


Linda Öberg
Phone: +46 46 222 39 88
Room: EC2-273