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Lund University School of Economics and Management


The staff at the Department of Economics can book the venues owned by the department here:

 EHL - lokalbokning 

(You log in with your Lucat-ID)

You can book the following rooms;

Seminar rooms: EC1:270, Alfa1:4013

Lounge: Alfa1:NEK Lounge (Alfa1:4050A)

Recording studio at Alfa: Alfa1:4043. 

Guest office room: Alfa1:4036B

To see if the rooms are available, please check availability here:

Seminar rooms




LUSEM's studios

LUSEM has a filmstudio in EC1, a Zoom-studio and a podcast room.

For more information, visit LUSEM Studio.

Need help with the booking procedure?
You will find instructions to the right "Guide: How to book seminar rooms"          (in English, the booking pages are all in Swedish) 

For booking other venues, please contact Marie Pihl.


Recording studio at Alfa

In Alfa1:4043  (Alfa1:NEK studio) you are able to record lectures - you can book the room here - for technical assistant contact Peter Schüller. 


Department zoom account

We have a department zoom account, which can be used for dissertations, seminars etc - for log in information go to LU-box


Marie Pihl
Programme administrator, web administrator
Phone: +46 46 222 95 46
Room: EC1:284