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Lund University School of Economics and Management

IT emergency


First, report all IT security-related events to LDC:  

Secondly, be aware of phishing and ransomware attacks:

  • Update your computer regularly. If you ignore updates for a longer period, access to eduroam will eventually be denied.
  • Look at e-mails and who they are from before clicking on links.
  • Take particular care if an e-mail is from someone you know that restarts a discussion you had a long time ago (usually a sign that an account has been hacked)
  • Note that e-mails regarding IT security from LDC uses the following addresses: or Hence, ignore security emails from other addresses.

Thirdly, when something goes wrong

  • If you happen to click on a bad link, please inform LDC (see above) and the Head of department immediately. Then go to and change your password