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New policies for a permanent residence permit

Updated 14 September 2021

It seems to be some positive news regarding residence permits after a phd program, since the Swedish Migration Agency has provided feedback on this issue after questions and pressure from several (national and European) organisations. The feedback from the Swedish Migration Agency when it comes to researchers and phd candidates underlines that one may apply for a permanent permit after one has been living in Sweden for at least five years without any future requirements on income.

You may find more information (in Swedish) here

Please do also keep an eye on this webpage

We will continue to follow this issue closely and you are welcome to contact Joakim Gullstrand  with information regarding questions related to residence permits.

New policies for a permanent residence permit

When the Swedish Parliament passed a new Alien Act on July 20 2021, the Swedish Migration Agency (SMA) changed their guidelines when it comes to the condition for being eligible for a permanent residence permit. In short, the conditions implies that the applicant:

  • Have to meet the requirements for continued residence permit.
  • Must have resided in Sweden (for phd candidates and researchers) for four of the latest seven years.
  • Must be able to support himself/herself with income from employment.   

The last conditions of these three is a change that becomes especially important for phd candidates since their position is not defined as a permanent employment. You find the requirements on this site

Note that a phd candidate could, as before, still apply for temporary permits after the doctoral studies to finalise ones studies, to research and for applying for a job.

Lund University (among others) has reacted against these changes and our HR unit together with the International Marketing and Recruitment unit, are both looking into this issue. Hence, more information on how we may proceed will come and it could be a good idea to keep an eye on the LU Staff Pages since additional information will be published there.

You could also keep an eye on the following Blog (only in Swedish):



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